Have you found a gift for your Groom yet?

As the bride, you want nothing more than to make your groom truly happy – especially on a day that bears such a huge significance for both of you. How to offer a gift your groom will truly love? What are some of the very best groom’s gifts ideas to consider? Here are some wonderful suggestions to inspire you:

wedding cufflinks 3

• Traditional gifts. Nothing beats a beautiful watch, a pair of elegant cufflinks or a tie that goes just perfectly with his wedding day attire. These are classic touches all men love – especially on a day when they want to feel at their handsomest and at their most stylish!

• Honeymoon gifts. If your groom has everything sorted out for the big day, you might want to consider buying something he can use on your honeymoon. For instance, if you plan on going somewhere exotic, he will be more than happy wearing a new pair of designer sunglasses!

• Meaningful gifts. This is going to be a very emotional day for your groom too (despite what the “stereotypes” may say about it). Why not brighten up his mood with a truly heartfelt gift – such as a small box with 10, 20, or 30 things you love about him? Or a collage of your favorite photos? He will surely love it!

• Hobby gifts. Do you know your groom to be a huge fan of something – such as a movie, a character or a sports team? Offer him a gift related to that and there’s no way he will not appreciate your gesture! In fact, it is more than certain he will absolutely love it!

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Make sure to write the best wedding speech

Writing and delivering a very good wedding speech is not easy – and even less so if you are not used to speak in front of a lot of people. How do you get past that? How do you “hide” your stage fright under the carpet and give a speech that will bring emotion and beauty into everyone’s hearts? Here are some tips to help you with this:


• No need to be scared. Stage fright is perfectly normal, even for very famous people who are more than accustomed to speaking in front of large crowds (e.g. Adele is known to suffer from stage fright, for example). Be yourself, be natural and act confident – your speech will be amazing!
• Write with the audience in mind. When writing down your speech, remember to think of the audience at the wedding. These are people pertaining to different age groups and social statuses, so you might want to keep your speech “clean” of anything that may embarrass or upset the bride, groom, or anyone in their close family/friend group.
• Cue cards can actually help. They will keep you on track and organized without making you sound unnatural, so take some time to write down the main ideas in your wedding speech. It will pay off!
• Last, but definitely not least, remember that less actually IS more – even when it comes to wedding speeches. Keep it short, sweet and simple – the longer your speech is, the more prone you are to see people getting bored. Moreover, try to stay away from including props in the speech (such as slideshow presentations, for example). They tend to unnecessarily prolong the speech and they can be a true recipe for disaster too (especially since you will have to handle the props, stay on track with the speech and be natural doing all this too).

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Gorgeous styles for your wedding reception tables

Your wedding reception tables should be more than beautiful – they should be filled with personality, uniqueness and style. After all, these tables are where your guests will spend a large part of the wedding reception, so you definitely want to leave a good impression to everyone attending the Big Day.

What are the latest trends in wedding reception table décor? We have some fantastic ideas for you – so read on and find out more.


• Ultra-minimal. Are you a modern bride and searching for a contemporary way of decorating your wedding tables? Focus on a very white, very clean table setting and place a small sprig of lavender on top of each plate arrangement. It will work like magic against the simple, but elegant backdrop of the entire table!

• Mossy. Want to add a dash of uniqueness and to welcome nature into your wedding? Create a beautiful moss table runner and fill it with wild flowers, greenery and other rustic-chic or boho elements. People will simply love the idea!

• High style. Tall wedding centerpieces have always been considered to be extremely elegant – but what if you don’t want to fill them with traditional peonies or large-headed blooms? Well, lush bouquets with Gypsophila and a few white roses can look genuinely spectacular!

• Fishbowl. Searching for a simple, elegant and timeless way to decorate your wedding tables? Fishbowl centerpieces are still classy and stylish, especially when paired with wooden logs, lots of greenery and pretty wild blooms.

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Top trends to creating a wedding guest book

Your wedding guest book should be a reflection of your wedding – and, ultimately, it should be a reflection of what you believe in as a couple. Considering modern weddings offer plenty of room for creative ideas, you will definitely want to make your guest book be the most unique one your guests have ever seen.

How do you do that? What are the top trends to creating a wedding guest book? Read on and find your inspiration.


  • You can very well choose to keep it traditional, but with a twist. A pretty guest book will always look beautiful to the eye – and if you match it to the theme of your wedding and to the colors you have chosen for the décor, it can look really amazing too. Furthermore, you can also stick to the traditional guest book design, but opt for small personalization marks – such as a meaningful quote engraved on the first page, or even your wedding monogram printed on every page of the book.
  • Likewise, you can do it yourself too. If you are tired to see traditional guest books, opt for cards or stickers instead. They will allow you to be even more creative, as you can have them in cute or meaningful shapes – and you can also stick them on unique collages and displays too. For instance, if you are an eco-conscious couple, you can create a cardboard tree and have your guests stick small “leaves” on it.
  • Double your photo booth’s meaningfulness. Renting a photo booth for the wedding can be really fun – but beyond that, you might also want to encourage guests to sign on their photos and leave them in a special album. Also, you may want to have them write their wishes on a blackboard they use as a photo booth prop – and this will add an even more personal touch to the entire wedding day.

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Confetti is great for your big day

Playful, cute and full of energy, confetti has always been part of our celebrations – and truth be told, they can make for a wonderful wedding element too. How to incorporate this into your wedding in a really beautiful, original way?

We have some great tips to inspire you – so read on and find out more!


  • Want your wedding exit to feel like an explosion of color and fun? Offer confetti pops that open up and spread the joy of these colorful sprinkles – they are perfect for the grand wedding ceremony exit. People will have fun popping these and they will also look great for the ceremony itself, especially if you plan on having a playful, casual wedding.
  • If you have always dreamed of having a vintage or shabby chic wedding, vintage-looking suitcases can be a wonderful décor option for you. To double their use, fill them up with confetti and leave a sign that encourages the guests to grab some to cover you in joy and color as you exit the ceremony.
  • Sometimes, one word can speak more than an entire novel – so why not create a truly special piece of décor, by using confetti to spell out a word that means something for your relationship? From a simple “love” to your initials, there’s a myriad of options you have – and they will all add flair, beauty and personality to your Big Day. Plus, guests will surely love the idea!

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Consider Sunflowers for your wedding

Joyful and graceful at the same time, sunflowers will always be a truly amazing choice for a wedding – and even more so in the fall, when the landscape colors go so well with the sunflowers themselves!

How to incorporate sunflowers for your wedding, though? We have some tips for you – so read on to find out more.


  • For the bridal bouquet, you can definitely create a bouquet made entirely with sunflowers. However, if you want to add a more unique accent, consider combining them with white blooms (such as roses, for example). It will look extremely elegant and beautiful!
  • If, on the other hand, you want your bouquet to make a bolder statement, think of combining sunflowers and jewel-toned flowers (which are extremely popular this season). For a vintage touch, bring together sunflowers, mute-colored blooms and a bit of grey (in the bouquet wrap, for example).
  • Planning on matching your flower girl’s blooms with those you will be wearing as you walk down the aisle? A basket filled with sunflowers may be too heavy for her, while sunflower petals may be to common – so we suggest you stick to a simple, elegant sunflower stem.
  • Last, but definitely not least, don’t forget to incorporate these gorgeous flowers in your centerpieces too! Match them with seasonal blooms and wildflowers and they will look stunning as rustic-chic wedding centerpieces (especially if you add a wooden element to the mix!). Such a simple, but effective and cost-friendly way of beautifying your Big Day!

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Take a look at the top wedding cake trends

There’s nothing sweeter than love and the amazing feelings it can wake up in a human being. This is maybe one of the main reasons why the wedding cake is always a huge part of the Big Day – and it may also be why you really want this cake to be really perfect too.

What are some of the top wedding cake trends to steal some inspiration from? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • Metallic colors. They have been extremely popular throughout the entire 2016, and they will continue to be a top-favorite for brides and grooms. The best part about metallic-colored cakes? You can make them as classy or as avant-garde as you want them! Keep things simple with little “ribbons” of a metallic color at the bottom of each cake, or, if you want to make things even more interesting, add a few geometrical shapes on a white cake, using metallic paint colors.
  • Delicious and really versatile, buttercream has slowly crawled its way back into our top preferences. What is there not to love about it? Creamy, sweet and more than beautiful, buttercream also works fantastically well with another big cake trend of the year: ruffles.
  • If you want a wedding cake that’s beautiful, unique and actually meaningful, a naked cake will be absolutely perfect for you. Without any kind of frosting, but covered in deliciously fresh fruit and/or flowers, your naked cake will be really amazing.

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Top ways to entertain kids at your wedding

Regardless of how many guests you want to invite at your wedding, you definitely want them to have fun there – and this includes everyone, from your wedding party, to the children invited at the Big Day too.

Providing adults with delicious food, great drinks and amazing music is usually the key to a successful wedding – but do you know how to entertain your youngest guests? We have gathered some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • Offer them a special space. Kids don’t need much to have fun, but organizing a special space just for them will make them feel more comfortable among people of the same age as they are. Plus, doing this helps the adults relax better, knowing exactly where their kids are throughout the entire wedding day.
  • Offer them arts and crafts supplies. Most kids love coloring and crafts in general – so it’s very likely that those invited at your wedding will be more than happy if you provide them with some arts and crafts supplies.
  • Offer them a movie and a “lounge” space. Some cushions, some delicious popcorn and a fun movie for kids – this is all you need for a special relaxation space for the youngest guests at your wedding!
  • Last, but definitely not least, photo booths are great for the little ones too! They will have a lot of fun shooting photos of themselves – and if you provide them with some cute costumes for this, they will love it even more!

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Be aware of common bridal mistakes so that you don’t make them on your wedding day

Your bridal look is so important for you! After all, this is such a unique moment in your life that it is completely normal to want to look flawlessly gorgeous. How do you achieve that, though? What are some bridal beauty mistakes other ladies have done – and you should avoid?

We have gathered some tips for you – so read on and find out more.


  • Take your time. Really take your time. If you want to do your makeup on your own, double the time you think you will need to get yourself done to walk down the aisle. Believe us, you will be so nervous even applying the blush will feel like a really hard task.
  • Speaking of, learn how to put on falsies if you want them on your wedding day. In truth, false eyelashes can be a complete game-changer for your makeup – but do make sure you know how to apply them with precision, without spending too much time, and without ruining your entire eye makeup either.
  • Furthermore, try to avoid very dark eye makeup. Smoky eyes look spectacular and glamorous in real-life, but this type of makeup can frequently look really bad in the pictures. Better stick with something softer and more neutral for your Big Day.
  • Last, but definitely not least, avoid red lipstick. It can definitely add a dash of elegance and sophistication – but can very easily smear and lead to a disastrous look. If you really have to wear red lips, be sure to choose an extra-resistant lipstick or lip stain (and test it before the Big Day).

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Conduct your wedding dress shopping with ease

Deciding on what to wear to work or to a special event can be tough. But deciding what to wear on your wedding day can feel very much like a true “mission impossible”. With so many wedding gowns to choose from, how do you even conduct your wedding dress shopping with ease? How do you shop for the perfect wedding gown?

Here are some tips to help you with this.


  • Start by analyzing the offer. See what designers have in store for the season, take a look at what smaller bridal boutiques offer, analyze cuts, designs and fabrics. Collect pictures of the dresses you like and start shopping with these images in mind. Although you will most likely not choose one of these dresses, they can still give you a very good head start.
  • Have a reliable entourage. No, you don’t have to bring everyone with you when shopping for the wedding dress. In fact, a smaller, but more reliable entourage can be a lot more helpful – so stick to a couple of good friends and relatives.
  • Listen to the consultants. They’ve been doing this for a long time and they know everything that moves in the world of wedding dresses. Listen to their advice and try on the gowns they suggest. Also, keep in mind that consultants are usually great at suggesting dresses that follow a model similar to that of a designer’s creation, but for a lower budget.

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